Robotic Surgery: Galbladder

Single Site Robotic Surgery: Gallbladder

The capital area’s only source for scarless gallbladder surgery

Better outcomes, including no visible scar

If you can’t eat the foods you enjoy due to a digestive problem or if you suffer from symptoms, such as gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, indigestion or nausea, you may have gallbladder disease, a condition affecting more than 25 million Americans.

The good news is gallbladder disease is very treatable. And the even better news is that an advanced robotic-assisted gallbladder removal procedure is available close to home, only at McLaren Greater Lansing.

With this approach, the gallbladder can be removed through a single 1-inch incision at the belly button. Compared to traditional gallbladder surgery, the scarless method offers patients better outcomes, including less pain and bleeding, shorter hospital stays, fewer complications, very minimal scarring and a faster recovery.

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